Nothing Else Matters


Keep Yourself In The Word

God’s word is true and is filled with so much promise, His promises are seen throughout the scriptures and reveal His faithfulness, compassion and love towards us. 

God’s word endures forever and it’s up to us to really know His word and cling to it in every phase of our lives, both good and bad. 

It’s so easy and human to become discouraged, afraid, unsure or even insecure. Yet, it’s important that in those moments we remind our hearts of the truth and His promises that are found in scripture. 

The promises which tell us that we are never alone and He will never forsake us. The truth which affirm us of our identities, the many truths which remind us of how faithful He is even when we are not, and the promises which strengthen us when we are weak. If we keep God’s word in our hearts, we will be able to stand no matter how turbulent life gets.