Nothing Else Matters

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He Shall Supply Your Needs

Your relationship with God is the most important relationship to cultivate in your life. It is so easy to give it minimal attention or even to completely neglect it and make it just a ‘Sunday thing’, but it is the source of everything you need to function each day. 

We can often find ourselves going through the daily motions without engaging with God, and soon we can become frustrated, depleted of strength or feel lost, because we have neglected the most important person: God. 

“He shall supply all of your needs.” – Philippians 4:19 

I believe this scripture refers to our internal needs as well as the external needs we may have. In order for the deeper needs within us to be met, it requires us to go deeper in God, by making more time to study scripture and pray. 

As you go deeper in God, you will discover truths that will empower you and totally transform who you are and the way you live. By way of His Spirit, He can reach into the deep places within your heart and soul and touch the areas you thought were unreachable. There’s an exchange that happens when you engage with Him daily, which will give you what you need to function each day.