Reach - A 21 Day Devotional


Take a moment and worship.

So many things today are asking us to bow our knee to them, whether it be the latest gadgets, car, social pressures, or selfish desires. Worship is sacrificial obedience – it is putting on the altar that which we want in order to bring God glory. Do you remember the story of Abraham when he laid Isaac on the altar when he was tested? He told the young men who were with him to wait while he and Isaac went up the mountain to worship. He was prepared to o er in sacrificial obedience what was most precious to him. He didn’t end up sacrificing Isaac but it was a picture for us today. We are to give to God our very lives and what is most precious to us.

Today’s Reach:

What in your life has taken you away from bringing God glory or service? Take a moment and worship with singing, praise, and adoration or with an act of obedience through service.