Love God Greatly James


Read: James 5:13-18

SOAP: James 5:13-16

James encourages believers in Christ to pray in all circumstances. He demonstrates the power of prayer to heal, encourage, and uplift the believer. In genuine prayer a believer’s words, actions, and motives should all be completely aligned and fully surrendered to God. 

What priority does prayer have in your life? Who is God calling you to pray for and pray with? Jesus gifts us with a promise of joy when we ask anything in His name. What will you pray for as you serve God and seek to live for Jesus?

Father God, what an awesome and wonderful privilege it is to come boldly before Your throne of grace. Lord, help me to diligently make my prayer life a priority. Increase my hunger and thirst for a more intimate relationship with You. Remind me, Lord, that prayer should be my first response in good times and in bad times. In Jesus’ name. Amen.