Love God Greatly James


Read: James 5:7-12

SOAP: James 5:7-8

Because the judgment of the ungodly is promised, James encourages believers to remain patient until that time. Jesus remains our best example of suffering. His response to wrongful accusations and the threat of death was to remain patient, quiet, and focused on God’s will for Him. Jesus did not defend Himself against His enemies. He allowed His Heavenly Father to come to His defense. Jesus committed Himself to suffer in order to fulfill God’s plan and reveal His infinite love.  

When you suffer unjustly, what examples from Jesus’ suffering can you implement and follow? God is able to use man’s injustice for His glory and our good. In the midst of suffering we are made more holy and become more like Jesus. When you find yourself in troubling circumstances, choose to believe that just as Jesus controlled His destiny, He also controls yours. 

Father God, You are my compassionate and merciful God - able to control and command the most difficult issues in life. Lord, help me to patiently endure hardship. Help me not to be moved by the way I feel or by the way things appear. Remind me of Your unfailing love when I am tempted to doubt Your goodness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.