Love God Greatly James


Read: James 1:1-4

SOAP: James 1:1-4

James, the half-brother of Jesus Christ, plunges right into his letter to the scattered and persecuted Jewish Christians of the early church. He gives a powerful exhortation to the followers of Jesus to consider the value of trials. He teaches that the development of patient endurance often happens through trials. Suffering and trials are a certainty for believers. When we accept and endure trials the proper way (with joy), we develop spiritual maturity. Joy is not in the suffering itself, but in the knowledge that we are never alone or forgotten by God while we are suffering.  

What does your response to trials reveal about your trust in God? Trials serve great purpose in a believer’s life. They help us to tap into God’s inexhaustible comfort, love, grace, and hope. They also help us to see where we are doing life without God. Where do you need God’s help to change your view of trials and suffering?

Father God, You are the One who is completely faithful to complete every good work that You start. Thank You, Lord, for Your desire to make me complete and more like You. Help me to accept and submit to Your method for developing maturity in my life. Reveal Yourself clearly through my trials, Lord, so that I can endure them confidently with You. In Jesus' name. Amen.