Love God Greatly James


Read: James 5:1-6

SOAP: James 5:1-3

James shares a warning about the destiny of a group of ungodly, unsaved, rich people who oppressed the poor by hoarding up wealth, withholding wages, and harming the poor. James is not condemning wealth, but the ungodly and abusive behavior of these wealthy people. It is a warning to both the godly and ungodly to guard against materialism and covetousness. It also is a warning for all that God’s justice is imminent, intense, and inescapable. 

In what painful hardship are you tempted to doubt God’s coming vengeance and retaliation in your suffering? God remains steadfast and faithful to protect and avenge those He loves and calls His own. He remains our protector, our shelter, and our defender.  Believers must trust that God will pour out His wrath and justice in His way and in His timing.  

Father God, You are my fair and righteous Judge. Lord, remove my desire to avenge myself. Lord, help me to remain confident that You always do what is right and fair. Strengthen me to pray for my enemies and do good to them. Help me to trust You, Lord, that in Your timing Your judgment and fair punishment will surely come. In Jesus’ name. Amen.