Love God Greatly James


Read: James 4:13-17

SOAP: James 4:13-17

James trains believers to speak with humility when considering our future plans and dreams. He describes it as evil boasting when believers presume we have the power and authority to control our own lives and destiny. We were created by God for Him. Believers are redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus, so He rightly claims the calling on our lives.  

What is your response to Jesus’ claim on your life? God didn’t send His Son to make our lives perfect, to remove all of our suffering and pain, or to give us everything we want out of this life. Life is all about God. God’s work is done by God’s people through God’s will in His way. Where are you tempted to try to persuade, circumvent, or manipulate God into giving you a comfortable, convenient, stress-free life?  

Father God, help me to let go of my desire to control and rule my life. Help me to remember that my life is no longer my own, but Yours.  Lord, strengthen me to humbly seek Your direction and Your will before I pursue or plan any endeavor. In Jesus’ name. Amen.