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Following Jesus Our Mediator

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Jesus and the Suffering

Suffering, like poverty, can take many forms. Jesus paid attention to those who were suffering physically or spiritually and responded to their pleas.

From an Africa Study Bible proverbs and stories note titled “Blind Enough to See”:

There is a popular saying in many African cultures, especially among the Mendi of Sierra Leone, that “the child that cries the most receives much of the mother’s attention.”

The blind beggar on the road to Jericho could not run after Jesus, but he was able to get Jesus’s attention by using his voice. He shouted—and he got Jesus’s attention just like the shouting child gets the attention of the parents.

Crying out to Jesus in faith, no matter what your situation, will get his attention. This is where your answer to prayer begins. You need not suffer in silence or carry the burden alone; Jesus is close and you simply need to call on his name in prayer.

Reflect or Discuss

It seems from the blind man’s reaction that he already knew who Jesus was. What might he have heard about Jesus?

The crowd called him “Jesus the Nazarene”, but the blind man called him “Jesus, Son of David”. What do these two different names tell us about Jesus?

Why do you think Jesus asked the blind man what he wanted when it seemed obvious?

Is there an area of suffering in which you need Jesus’s help right now? Tell him about it in prayer.


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Following Jesus Our Mediator

A blind beggar crying out desperately by the side of the road, an immoral woman despised as dirty by polite society, a corrupt government employee hated by all – how could any of these people from society’s fringes hope ...

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