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Following Jesus Our Mediator

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Jesus and the Fearful

There is no fear so great that Jesus is unable to help us face it. There is no darkness too deep for his light to penetrate.

From an Africa Study Bible learn note titled “The Light of Life”:

In many places, the onset of the night brings dread and fear of lurking danger. Most evils and crimes are committed under the cover of darkness. Acts of witchcraft and sorcery, theft and murder, immorality and drunkenness often take place in darkness. Murderers, night runners, and those who consult mediums hide under the cover of darkness. People are uncertain of what lies in the shadow of darkness, so they look forward to dawn. 

But with Jesus, no one need be afraid of darkness because when you choose to follow him you will no longer walk in darkness but in the joy of his light. In fact, he is called the Light of the World in John’s Gospel. Anyone who wants to be illuminated by the presence of Christ—who gives hope and direction to life—must identify with Christ by faith. This is the only way to be “filled with light, with no dark corners . . . radiant, as though a floodlight were filling you with light” (Luke 11:36). Allowing Jesus, the Light of the World, to fill your life is the only way to avoid being tangled in the darkness of the world and its deceptive pleasures.

Reflect or Discuss

1 John 1:5 says, “God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all.” Why is it significant that Jesus is called the Light of the World, and that there is no darkness in him?

How would you describe the difference between living a life in the darkness and living a life in the light? Which life do you want to live?

What are the fears or areas of darkness in your life that are keeping the light of his life from shining through? Will you ask him to come and shine his purifying light in all the dark corners of your life?


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Following Jesus Our Mediator

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