Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional For Singles



Do you long to be used in God’s kingdom and aren’t sure where you fit in? One of the biggest lies that single Christians believe is the idea that God can’t use you in His kingdom building process until you get married, or that you’ll somehow add more value to the Kingdom if you’re married. That’s just not true. God has a track record of using some great single Christians to change the world: Jeremiah, Elijah, Miriam, Paul, Mary, Martha and Lazarus and even Daniel was single. So was Nehemiah. God isn’t looking for people with a crazy dating life or a healthy marital status. No. God is looking for the man or woman who is willing to say “yes, Lord, I’ll go where you want me to go and I’ll do what you want me to do.” You don’t need permission to surrender to the Lord and obey His word. You simply need a heart that’s willing. God can handle finding your soulmate. He did it for Adam while Adam slept. All God is looking for is your willingness to say ‘yes.’ The best part of surrender is that it’s the pathway to joy. As you yield your will and your ways to the Lord, you’ll find blessing and joy. As you surrender to God, you’ll find the life that thrives.


What specific areas in your life do you still need to surrender to God? Are you willing to do it? 

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