Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional For Singles



Where do you find satisfaction when you’re lonely? Where do you turn when you can’t stand another day of living all by yourself? Some turn to food for comfort. Others binge on Netflix. Some of us even try to fill the hole in our soul with spiritual activity. We join yet another Small Group and hope that by staying busy we’ll forget about our loneliness. But if you’re looking for answers for your loneliness, it’s time to stop trying to numb yourself or feed yourself or fend for yourself. While loneliness is painful, God’s presence is your only hope for healing. He’s the answer that will fill the hole in your soul when you find yourself alone. He’s always closer than you think and He’ll never let you down. He’s promised to never leave you nor forsake you and He’s just a whisper away. Instead of running from your loneliness, why not start seeing in your loneliness an invitation into God’s presence? You’ll find him far better than you ever imagined Him to be. He’s the rock you can always run to.


What do you do when you’re lonely? Where do you turn for comfort? Can you think about the times you’re most prone to loneliness and make a plan to turn to God’s word during those times instead?