Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional For Singles



Do you ever feel invisible? I do. More than I care to admit it, I often feel invisible - and not in the super hero sort of way. As a single Christian, no matter how hard I try to fight it, I often wonder if anyone notices me, even in the Church. Whenever I get into that funk where I feel forgotten and alone, I stop and think about Hagar. Hagar’s story is an interesting one. She’s the woman who became pregnant with Abraham’s child when he got tired of waiting on God’s plan for him to unfold. Things got complicated quickly and Hagar was soon thrown out of her home. Broken and alone, Hagar found herself by a spring of water in the wilderness. As she sat by the well feeling invisible and dejected, God showed up. God saw Hagar and spoke kindly to her. He poured His love on her when she needed it the most. God understood her pain and sympathized with her situation. Then God showered her with promises for a future filled with hope. Hagar was so moved by God’s love that she named the well where she was “Beer Lahai Roi“, meaning the well of the living one who sees me. Maybe you feel invisible right now. Perhaps you feel forgotten. You don’t have to turn to self-pity. There is a God who sees you. He knows you by name and He knows where to find you in your brokenness. And best of all, He’s never going to let you go. 


When do you feel most invisible and forgotten? How does knowing the Lord sees you give you courage to thrive today?