Thrive. A 14-Day Devotional For Singles



Did you know that when it comes to love, dating, and the single Christian, the assumptions we make will become the thoughts that we think? And the thoughts that we think will become the feelings that we feel? If we’re not careful, our entire Christian life can become derailed with just one wrong assumption. One of the most commonly held assumptions that many single Christians make is this one: “Contentment is easier if I were married”. The fact is that this is simply not true. Contentment is a struggle that every human being experiences over and over again. Contentment is often related to unrealistic expectations or unfair comparisons with others, or it could be a result of unnoticed blessings in your life. Whatever the reason for your discontent, your marital status has absolutely nothing to do with it. The secret to embracing contentment is to holding on to the belief that Jesus is enough and to rest in the love of the Father. Contentment is not the resignation of the hopeless but the bold affirmation that our Father knows best. Because he is in control, we can rest in His plans for us no matter what.


Are you a contented Christian? Have you ever confused contentment with giving up? How does true contentment free you to thrive as a single Christian?