God, Sex and Your Marriage

Truth and Lies

The battle for your mind can be summarized by the difference between truth and lies. Satan, our enemy, is called the father of lies. The Bible says that there is no truth found in him. Jesus, by contrast, is called “the truth.” The Gospels record seventy-four times of Jesus saying, “I tell you the truth!”

The average Christian has bought a bucketfull of lies regarding sex. Those lies may be so embedded in your thinking that they feel a lot like truth. Did you know that lies can feel more trustworthy than the truth?

The woman who gave herself away countless times throughout the teen years may believe, “I’m worthless. I’m forever tarnished.” Childhood sexual abuse may make you feel damaged beyond repair or have convinced you that no man can be trusted. You may believe that God could never love you in the face of your sexual addiction or that telling the truth about your struggle will mean the end of your marriage. Satan’s lies may be subtle, like the nagging guilt you feel after having sex with your spouse – proof that sexual pleasure just isn’t right.

The essence of who you are sexually and how you approach intimacy in your marriage is in your thought life. To the extent the enemy has infiltrated your thinking, God’s truth about sex will remain on the pages of your Bible and never make it to your bedroom. The battle begins and ends with your thoughts.

Over the next few days, we will look at some of the most common lies Christians believe about sex. In the light of God’s truth, we will expose the enemy’s assault on your marriage for we are “not unaware of his schemes” (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Question to ponder: What lies do I believe about sex? Why do lies sometimes feel more trustworthy than truth?

Action Step: Pray that the Lord will shine His truth on your lies, exposing and destroying the lies of the enemy.