Millennials Matter: Go And Make Discipling Leaders

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Mentoring Awareness  

Awareness is the capacity to gain knowledge about the unique components of our character. It is reflected in how we apply those insights in all our relationships, including with God, our self, and others.

The millennial generation lives in a media-saturated world. Every day, they are bombarded with marketing messages of who they should be, what they should look like, and what they should care about. The noise is deafening, distracting, and deceitful.

These messages sidetrack next-gen leaders from developing a keen awareness of (1.) their identity as children of our Heavenly Father and of (2.) their responsibility as an ambassador of the Most High King. They forget that they are a Joshua-in-training. 

How might you activate greater awareness in your young Christian leader? 

Focus inward. Proverbs 4:23 invites us to guard our hearts. Due to today’s culture, it’s increasingly difficult to guard what’s coming into our hearts. Encourage them to be discerning of what’s entering their minds. Once in, they need to aware of how it affects their character core. Help your young Joshua to double check with Scripture and to develop spiritual practices so they become increasingly adept at sensing God’s voice, in the midst of those world’s chaotic messages.

Also, encourage them to take a survey like StrengthsFinder. If you haven’t taken it recently, take one yourself too. Share your strengths as well as your potential weaknesses. Explore what resonated with them and what surprised them. This will help them gain more awareness of their natural gifts and talents. 

Focus outward. Discuss with your emerging leader how their God-given strengths can be leveraged in their budding vocation and how they can be leveraged in building professional and personal relationships. 

Encourage them to lean into these strengths to accomplish their personal, professional, and faith goals. Remind them to thank the Lord and to ask for wisdom on how to use their strengths. Tell your story, reminding them that our spiritual life impacts what we do relationally, physically, intellectually, and financially. 

Focus upward. Invite your young Christian leader to identify their spiritual gifts. Online are many resources to aid in this discovery. 

Character is strengthened when a Christian disciple bolsters awareness of oneself, those in his or her community, and God. Pray with those you disciple that God reveals to them of awareness of their spiritual gifts and how, as ambassadors of God, they can use them to further his kingdom.