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Mentor Accountability

“I can’t help it.” “It was his fault.” “She made me do it.” From elementary school to the corner office, and since the beginning of time with Adam and Eve, these words are and have been spoken by people who avoid accountability. They play the blame game.

One of the qualities I love about Moses is that he often stood in the gap for the people. He acknowledged when they had done wrong, and he acknowledged when he himself had done wrong. Moses modeled accountability for Joshua.

Accountability means having the emotional maturity and internal backbone to take responsibility for one’s own actions and choices, and not shift blame to external factors or people. 

It takes both humility and courage to admit that we’re solely responsible for the choices we make, including what we choose to think and feel. In order to become influential, your millennial leader needs to see you navigating your way through rocky situations with a high sense of personal accountability. 

Here are insights to mentoring accountability.

Listen honestly to self-talk. 

Start developing good accountability skills by honestly discussing the following: 

  • Do I blame others when I fail or make a mistake? 

  • Do I blame a situation that occurred in my past? 

  • Or, do I blame God? 

Based on what you discover in your discussion, commit to shifting your mind-set and your prayers to improve this character trait.

Focus on positive action instead of reaction. Your young leader doesn’t have to examine their own contributions to a negative situation. They don’t have to accept responsibility for the poor choices they’re making with their life. They don’t have to take ownership of how they’re choosing to think and feel about a situation. 

However, by doing so, they build their internal leadership capacity so that when they’re in a difficult spot, they’ll be able to encourage others to choose well. 

Search for creative options. Invite your mentee to have a mind-set that minimizes excuses and maximizes the search for creative solutions, which is vital during times of chaos, conflict, and evangelizing. We serve the most amazing God – He is always ready to help with creative, innovative options when we cry out to him. 

Accountability, paired with a resolve to find creative solutions, yields strong character and fewer challenges to a strong faith in God. It enables us to make discipling leaders who will make discipling leaders.

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