The Good, Bad & Ugly

The Good, Bad & Ugly

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What The Enemy Means For Evil The Lord Will Use For Your Good

After the fast, Esther gained wisdom from God on how to approach the king, make her request and expose the enemy. God was truly with her, and he was working behind the scenes to bring good out of what was meant for evil. Queen Esther invited the king and Haman to a private banquet, the king was so excited to be with her and would give her anything she asked for. Haman was ecstatic that he was the only one invited with the king to be with Queen Esther. She didn’t make her request right away and invited them to come the next day to dine again with her. Haman left the queen feeling elated, but when he saw Mordecai, his rage burned within him. Every time the enemy sees the child of God living out their purpose it causes the enemy to be angry. Haman goes away and plots with his friends and wife how to kill Mordecai. So he build a huge gallows to have Mordecai hanged.

Always remember when we pray and seek God’s help he will never leave us stranded, all the while you are going through hardships and trials if you set your heart to seek God in it he will make a way. That night after meeting with Esther the king could not sleep and he sent for his book of chronicles to be read to him. Lo and behold he comes across the record of the plot to take his life, and Mordecai’s name was recorded, and he enquired what honor was done for him. His servants replied, “Nothing was done.” How often do you feel like God just does not see or remember our good deeds? I want you to know nothing escapes his eyes and we will reap if we do not give up. Haman was in the courts, and the king called for him and asked his opinion on what honor should be given to a person who saved his life? Right away Haman assumed it was himself the king was talking about, and he pulled out all the stops for honoring the person.

Haman suggested a royal robe the king has worn be put on the person, a horse the king had ridden, and the person should be led through the entire city pronouncing, “This is what is done for the man the king delights to honor!” This excited the king, and he sent Haman to prepare the stuff to have this done at once for Mordecai and Haman had to do it. Oh, how he was grieved! Don’t forget all things are working for your good once you set your heart and mind on him who is able. Haman was enraged and had to go to the banquet with Queen Esther, and this time she would make her request and expose the enemy. The king was outraged and left the room when he discovered Haman was the enemy. Haman tried to beg the queen to save him but he launched at her, and the king saw him, his anger burned that Haman had no respect for his queen. Haman was taken away immediately and was hanged on the same pole he set up for Mordecai.

This story gives me so much strength to go on in difficult and impossible times, Esther and Mordecai lives were plagued with good, bad and ugly times but supported by each other and the seeking of their God they overcame the evil one. Esther inherited the estate of Haman, and the king took back his ring he had given to Haman and gave it to Mordecai and Esther gave Haman’s estate to Mordecai to run. The law was overturned to destroy the Jews, and a new law gave them the right to protect themselves from any present and future danger. They gained the victory through every bad and ugly situation. I hope you would read the book of Esther on your own time and revisit this book in times of struggle because it is infused with hope for a people who lean on the arm of God. God is greater than any evil; we must believe.

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The Good, Bad & Ugly

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