The Good, Bad & Ugly

The Good, Bad & Ugly

DAY 3 OF 5

Fulfilling Your God-purpose Is Bigger Than You

I am sure you are excited to read on as it is so refreshing to know that great people in the Bible faced situations like us and overcame and now gives us a shot of adrenaline to keep going. Now that Esther is in the palace, enjoying a life she could only dream about her cousin sends word to her that things are about to become topsy-turvy. 

Esther won the heart of the king among all her competition, and he crowned her as Queen to replace Vashti, and a banquet was held in her honor. Through all this time Esther had a secret she was a Jew. No way would she have been allowed a chance with the King had her nationality been known. 

Mordecai got hold of a conspiracy while Esther was queen, a plot was made to kill the king and Mordecai sent word to Esther who then told the king giving credit to Mordecai for the information. When an investigation was done, it proved to be true, and the guilty were put to death. No credit was given to Mordecai, but at least the king’s life was spared. In the process of time the king honored a man named Haman, he was given a seat higher than any other nobles in the palace. He received honor from all the king’s officials at the king’s gate where Mordecai also served, but Mordecai refused to bow down to him. 

Mordecai was a Jew that took God’s laws at heart and bowing down to a man would be breaking the rule of all rules, “Thou shall have no other god’s before me” That was a big no, no! In like manner when you serve God with all your heart, when you decide to not follow the crowd or blend in with the culture around you, most definitely you will find yourself persecuted. Mordecai’s behavior angered Haman so much he didn’t just want Mordecai’s life but all his people. 

Understand that the enemy is not only after you but the generations that will come out of you and after you. If the righteous may live, then it is only natural they will produce offspring that will hopefully be righteous. To deter the production of righteous offspring the enemy tries to stop righteousness in its tracks by wiping out an entire generation at a time. We always must remember the enemy seeks only to, “Steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10).

Haman plotted the demise of all the Jews within the kingdom of King Xerxes, and he waited for the opportune time to petition the king for the approval to do so. Haman convinced the king there was living among them a group of people that separate themselves from all the other people of the land and their customs were different hence they disobeyed the king’s laws. 

The Apostle Paul also warns us today to be separated and different from the rest of the world and as a result it will always make us a target. I want you to see those who pursue God’s purpose will always face hard times, troubles and trials. The king gave Haman the permission he needed to now go after the people of God. A decree was written out and distributed to all kings throughout the land to kill all Jews on one specific day which was the thirteenth day of the twelfth month; the month called Adar. The Jews would now have to be annihilated, and all they possessed would be taken from them. How can this be working for Esther and her people as good? 

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The Good, Bad & Ugly

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