The Good, Bad & Ugly

The Good, Bad & Ugly

DAY 2 OF 5

People With A God-purpose Will Always Attract Opposition

From the inception of time, in a place of perfection in the Garden of Eden, Satan infiltrated and brought chaos. The nation of Israel has been at the end of opposition since they were called God’s chosen people. People who have chosen the path of God will always be met with the fiercest of opposition. In my earlier years as a young Christian I use to believe that all the trouble in my life was because of my disobedience even though I worked hard to please God, but as I matured in Christ I recognize that all the trouble that comes my way is not because of me doing something wrong, but it is because I’m walking in my purpose. So I want to encourage you today; don’t view the trouble in your life as punishment from God but know that if you have purposed in your heart to go after the God-life, you are a moving target for the enemy which you already have the victory over.

I want to touch on the life of Esther over the next few days hoping you will draw strength, hope, and courage to keep going even though you are in a rough place right now. Esther was a Jewish orphan girl adopted by her cousin Mordecai. They lived in the city of Susa ruled by a powerful king named Xerxes. This king held a huge banquet for many royal dignitaries and wanted to show off the beauty of his wife to them all. When he called for Queen Vashti, she refused to show up embarrassing the king at the highest level imagined. Because of this disrespect the king sought council and stopped Queen Vashti from ever appearing before him again, and she was to be replaced by someone better. This was in hopes all women throughout the land will know this behavior will not be tolerated by the kings and nobles of the land. 

A search ensued for the most beautiful, young virgins in all the land to be brought to the palace for a year of beauty preparations before they could be presented to the king; it sure sounds like the miss universe pageant. To a beautiful young woman who had no parents, living in a land where her ethnic background was not considered as much this must sound like a dream come true. Being able to live in the king’s palace, eating the best foods, drinking the best wine, soaking in exquisite perfumes, oils and cosmetics…Oh yes, heaven come! This search could not have come at a better time, at least for the next twelve months Esther would experience the life of royalty, acceptance, status, and hope for a bright future. Esther gets chosen and immediately finds favor with Hegai the one in charge of the harem, and he gives her preferential treatment. Here again, we get a glimpse of perfection, peace and a chance for a good life for Esther. 

I am sure like Esther there have been opportunities where everything seems to look up, dreams are finally coming through, and finally, you breathe a sigh of relief because you see the light at the end of the tunnel; only to discover trouble would soon crouch at the door. Esther and her people would soon be nearly at extinction. How could this be working for her good? Don’t lose hope we will explore more as the days go by!

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The Good, Bad & Ugly

ALL things are working for your good! As a believer, we are constantly faced with trials in our lives. Sometimes we may think that God is being unfair to us or may have even forgotten about us, but as we review the life...

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