Grief Bites: A New Approach to Growing Through Grief

Has grief knocked your breath out of you or altered your life?
At some point, everybody will experience grief.

Grief is simply any situation that has broken your heart, or anything that has attempted to break your spirit or your relationship with God and others.

Grief is often thought of as a destructive intruder, but few realize that grief is one of the most powerful teachers you can learn from. When embraced, Grief will teach you how to love God and others much more deeply, how to live a fuller life, and to not take life or ordinary moments for granted.

Grief is like a storm that uproots all things familiar, but after the torrential storms of grief hit, life becomes crystal clear and gives a fresh brand new perspective on God, life, and everything else for that matter.

When one goes through grief, the invaluable opportunity to understand, love, know, and experience God more deeply immediately begins. He is the key to creating a more vibrant purposeful life in spite of grief.

No matter what you are facing today, God DOES have a plan to see you through. Don't give up...He WILL help you get your breath back after life knocks it out of you and He is faithful to show you fresh new perspectives and life lessons through any grief experience you face.

Join us for the next 60 days as we fully seek to find the heart of God and a new approach to growing through grief.