Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




God, help us to be bold and unashamed of the message of salvation.


Acts 4.1-37

At this point in time, many miracles and unbelievable things were taking place. It was all being done in the name of Jesus, through the preaching of the apostles. The religious teachers of the Law and some rulers were not happy because these miracles were bringing people to Jesus. They were angry and refused to believe even though the signs and wonders could not be denied. They chose to forbid the gospel of Jesus from being shared in Jerusalem, but because Peter and John were bold, that did nothing to stop them. In fact, when the two were arrested and later set free, they and the rest of the Lord’s followers met to pray. They asked God to give them courage to face all their haters, and to continue to show God’s power through miracles and healings as they called on the name of Jesus. As soon as they finished praying, the whole house began to shake, and everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Words cannot describe how God feels when we are not ashamed to acknowledge God’s power before unbelievers and follow him in all circumstances. When we become bold believers, we will tell the world of God’s love that is available to all people.


Is it hard for you to share the message of Jesus with your friends and family? Do you feel like you are missing out on living life to the fullest when you maintain a godly lifestyle? In what areas of your life do you lack courage?


Share the gospel with someone today. Don’t be ashamed of the truth of Jesus. Be bold. Remember the Holy Spirit’s got your back.

God, today I draw the line in the sand and I refuse to back up. I give all I am over to you.