Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




God, thank you for your gift of salvation. May I always treasure it and be mindful of what it cost you.


Acts 9.1-43

No sinner is beyond God’s long arm of love. Here, Saul is so obsessed with persecuting the Church that he wants to get rid of Christians in areas other than Jerusalem. Then, Jesus reveals himself to Saul as Saul travels on the road to Damascus. Saul responds with obedience and surrenders to Jesus Christ. It is an amazing transformation. In this narrative, we see God’s salvation plan at work. First, the person is dead in sin and blinded by disobedience. God then reveals himself, and the sinner has to either choose or reject the Lord’s invitation. Upon accepting God’s invitation, God removes the scales from the eyes of the formerly sinful person, and ushers him into a new life with Christ.


How does your story relate to Saul’s? Have you allowed God to work in your life as he did in Saul’s?


If you have been saved like Saul, you are no longer blinded by sin. Use every opportunity you can to pursue Christ and live a life that glorifies him.

God of the universe, I believe that you are the all-powerful God. Thank you that, although I was once a sinner, you have brought me into this new life through your sacrifice.