Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




ord Jesus, thank you for the power that your name carries.


Acts 3.1-26

While Peter and John were making their way to the temple to get their church on, a lame man, sitting in front of the gate, begs them money. The two men tell him to look at them, and the lame guy thinks he’s getting money. But then, Peter tells the guy that he doesn’t have any money but he has power to heal in the name of Jesus! Peter orders him to start walking and the guy stand up and starts leaping for joy. He then goes and gets his church on with Peter and John. People who witness the miracle are amazed. Others who missed the actual event sees the man walking, jumping, and praising God in the temple. The people are blown away. Peter tells the people, “You see this man, and you know him. He put his faith in the name of Jesus and was made strong. Faith in Jesus made this man completely well while everyone was watching” (v 16).

Throughout the Gospels, we see healings and miracles that take place when believers call on the name of Jesus. But, we can also use Jesus’ name to declare things over our own lives. When Jesus took our place on the cross, he gave us access to power beyond our finite imagination. We, too, have the same power and authority that Peter and John had. It's by God's grace and mercy that we can use this beautiful and almighty name of Jesus that breaks every chain of sin. When we use it, it shows we are dependent on Jesus!


Do you believe there is power in the name of Jesus? Think of instances where you have seen or experienced the healing power of the name of Jesus. Praise God for them.


When you pray, begin to use the name of Jesus. As you make your requests to God, declare them in the name of Jesus.

Jesus, I know there is power in your name. Let me be bold like Peter and John and use the power you have given me in your name, for your glory.