Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Heavenly Father, help me to stay devoted to you in prayer and by reading your Word. Give me understanding so that I may follow you in all that I do.


Acts 6.1-15

As people who belong to God, we are all God’s servants. There is no difference in our rank as we give our service in the Lord’s kingdom. When we read about how the Lord’s followers worked in the Early Church, it is clear that they did not consider one position higher than another. Whether it’s an apostle teaching the Word, a man waiting on tables, or a woman praying, God does not bless us based on our rank. The true mark of a believer’s position is his or her faithfulness in serving God. The men chosen to wait on tables, a seemingly menial and meaningless task, were all people who were filled with the Holy Spirit. It should be a liberating concept to know that whatever you do to help build God’s kingdom, counts. Do it always with a servant’s heart and God will honor your efforts.


Whatever your position in life may be, are you asking the Holy Spirit to fill you?


Don’t think of honest work as degrading. Do it cheerfully as if you are doing it for God.

Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit each day. Help me to have a servant’s heart so I may serve and obey you faithfully.