Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Lord, help me to depend on you and be confident that you always keep your promises.


Acts 1.1-26

After Jesus’ resurrection, his followers seemed anxious about the future. But Jesus promised them it would be alright. Before he ascended to heaven, Jesus told them that the Father would give them the Holy Spirit as a helper. It is the Holy Spirit that guides and directs our lives. We just need to stop worrying and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, there are things that we want too quickly. We have dreams and goals and in our haste we tell God “I want it now!” It seems we forget that God has chosen us and that he will use our gifts and talents for his glory, in his own time. As the story of the book of Acts opens, Jesus’ followers learn that God is above us, around us, and in us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. That’s great news—we can chill, God is in control!


Sometimes life can get overwhelming and hard to manage, but our best friend, Jesus, tells us to lean on him. Are you willing to break old habits? Are you willing to replace them with new ones that honor God? The angels told Jesus’ followers that Jesus will come back again. Think about it. How does it make you feel?


Maybe you want to trust in Jesus, but don't know where to start. Try small things like reading one chapter of the Bible daily so that you can find God’s promises for your life. If you are willing, your heart can be changed by God’s awesome Spirit. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Lord, I am glad you have my back and I can just relax because I know you have everything covered. Thank you for the Holy Spirit which controls my life.