Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Lord, I just ask for grace to live every day for you.


Acts 14.1-28

Paul and Barnabas continue on their first missionary journey. A man in a city called Lystra is healed of a life-long illness. He had been crippled from birth. This miracle so amazed the people that they thought the two missionaries were gods. Paul cleared that up really quickly! However, as much as they were working for the Lord, some people turned against these guys and they stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, leaving Paul for dead. Yet Paul did not die. He survived by the grace of God!

In fact, the very next day the two men continued to preach and teach God’s Word. And as they did, they were able to plant churches and appoint leaders in these various cities, so that the work Paul had started would continue long after he was gone. Paul and Barnabas sailed home after this very hard journey and gave a great report of what God was doing in all those cities.


Are you sharing the love of God and the gospel like Paul did? Is fear of getting beat up preventing you from sharing the love of Jesus? Is fear preventing you from talking about Jesus at all?


Be prepared to face opposition when you share the gospel. Be prepared to even suffer. Pray and ask God to make you strong.

God, help me to be bold when I share your love. I am so afraid, but I know I can do it with your help.