Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Sometimes in my walk with you, God, I get so discouraged. I get lonely, depressed, sad. Encourage my heart, O God!


Acts 18.1-28

Paul finds himself now in Corinth, a city where he spent a lot of time. He wrote two long letters to the church there. Paul was encouraged by the conversions of many people around him, including Crispus, the leader of the synagogue. Many Corinthians who heard his preaching believed on the Lord and were saved. But God knew after so many arduous journeys, that Paul himself would need some encouragement directly from God. We hear God encouraging Paul with these words, “...Don’t be afraid to keep on preaching. Don’t stop! I am with you and you won’t be harmed. Many people in this city belong to me” (vv 9, 10). Wow! As a result, Paul was encouraged and continued to minister in Corinth. Afterwards, he moved on to several other places.

The chapter concludes with a man named Apollos in Ephesus who was a convert of John the Baptist’s teachings, and who was openly declaring the love of Jesus. Where there were gaps in his knowledge, two other followers, Priscilla and Aquila, took Apollos into their home and taught him about the message of Jesus. Apollos received this message with a humble heart.


Do you spend enough time in God’s Word so that it sinks deep in your heart? Are there things you don’t understand? Ask God to lead you to a godly individual who can explain God’s Word to you.


Take an assessment of your heart and life. Spend an hour with God; you can do that even in the midst of your busy life. Don’t delay. Ask God to speak directly to your heart, and humbly receive his Word.

God, I give up. I have often tried to encourage myself, but today I need you to encourage me. Whatever you say to me, Lord, let me receive your Word with grace and humility.