Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




God, when I’m in a spot, let me praise you anyhow. Let me be confident you will answer my prayer.


Acts 16.1-40

Although you may be in a bad situation, God knows what is best and he will perform miracles if it is to be. Paul and Silas were in jail, and even then they still praised God by singing and praying, even at midnight! These guys must have been good (and loud) because the Scriptures say, “the other prisoners listened” (v 25). Then suddenly there was a huge earthquake. The foundation of the prison was shaken and the chains of all the prisoners fell off! When the jailer woke up and realized what was happening, he tried to kill himself with his sword, but Paul and Silas stopped him. Not one of the prisoners tried to get away. It was an act of the Holy Spirit. It was a miracle!

It was in that dark, cold jailhouse that a man who once chained prisoners was now set free. The jailer and his entire family accepted Jesus into their lives, and were baptized. Even in the most unusual and dangerous situations, God can perform miracles.


Do you believe God can perform miracles even in the harshest and most difficult times? Have you ever experienced a “midnight hour” when things looked pretty bad, but deep down you knew God would come through for you?


Next time you’re in a difficult situation, praise and pray your way through it like Paul and Silas did. Spend more time with God and ask him to place you where he needs you the most.

Jesus, you always take care of your people, sometimes in unexpected ways. Let me praise you even when I can’t see how my situation is going to be resolved.