Now Is The Time: Acts Youth Journey




Jesus, the world always seems to oppose you and your Word. Lord, when opposition comes in my life, I know that you will give me the grace that I will need to go on.


Acts 19.1-41

Paul labors on his journeys and he now comes to Ephesus, one of the churches that he loves and cares for a great deal. As always, Paul’s teaching and preaching meets with opposition. Here in Ephesus, Paul witnesses miracles of the Holy Spirit taking place. People are speaking in tongues, while others are prophesying. There are numerous healings and evil spirits are cast out; all kinds of things are happening because of Paul’s obedience to God. In fact, there were so many conversions that those who made false gods and sold them to the people of Ephesus became angry because they were losing customers! They met in a public meeting place and turned the whole city in total uproar. Two disciples were dragged into the public square and local townspeople who were friendly with Paul warned him not to go there! The residents of Ephesus who loved worshiping idols, and the merchants who sold them, worked themselves into such a frenzy that for two straight hours they kept chanting in protest, “Great is Artemis, the goddess of the Ephesians!” (v 34). It was a crazy time, but the Holy Spirit’s work was done, and God’s message spread all across Asia.


Can you imagine facing as much opposition as Paul did, for standing up for God? Are you clamoring to retain your “idols” when God’s Spirit asks you to remove them from your life?


Despite personal attacks, the Lord’s followers kept preaching the Word. When opposition comes, don’t back down. Keep holding on to what you know is right.

Lord, use me however you want to. I pray that you will bless many people because of what you are doing in my life. May it always be for your glory.