Married To Your Ministry?

Day 6 of 6 • This day’s reading


I’m guessing that your daily thoughts and priorities haven’t just shifted and clicked perfectly since starting this reading plan. In fact, I’d be willing to guess that there’s been a lot of internal struggle to put what you know is best into practice. 

It’s OK to struggle.

In this life, we will continually struggle to listen to God’s voice and obey how He directs us. It’s an unfortunate reality of our broken world. But in that struggle, God is equipping us every moment of every day to follow His call, even if it’s the more difficult choice. And as much as you want to get your priorities and energies right, He wants it even more for you.

Ask yourself this question: If I really believed that God was equipping and empowering me to choose what’s best in every decision, how would my life look different?

If God is giving you a vision for what’s possible, step into it. Say “yes” to His calling on your time and relationships. Say “no” to some things so that you can invest in the mission God has given you in your specific role.

And as you learn, God will strengthen and equip you further. He is with you in the process lovingly leading you to something better. Believe it. Live differently because of it. And your time will start to be spent more and more in ways that align with God’s calling.