Married To Your Ministry?

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Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? Does being intentional with your family, friends, and ministry feel like an impossible circus act? Do you tend to put the pressing needs of others over your own? There is a better way, and through this reading plan, we’ll discover some key principles that will help you see your time and the people in your life the way God does.

Think about your family right now. Your spouse, kids, siblings, or parent come with the responsibility to lead and love well. No one else gets to be the husband, wife, mother, or father that you are to your family.

As a pastor or ministry leader, your life is not your own. You’ve got people in your church or ministry who see you as someone irreplaceable in their spiritual journey. And leaders or volunteers that you’ve invested in look to you for guidance and support. 

Oftentimes with so many people needing you, it can feel like you don’t even get to make many choices as to how you spend your time. 

Can you imagine how Jesus felt about how He spent His time during his ministry?

The need was immeasurable. The people asking for His time were constant. And the impact He had changed the world forever.

Jesus promised that if you “lose your life, you will find it.” In the original Greek, Jesus literally said that if you “destroy” your life, you will find it. In order to start the process of rebuilding your priorities, you need to be willing to lay everything on the table. Take some time to pray today to offer up every area of your life to God: your ministry, your family, your free time, your friendships… Trust that He will show you how to build things back with time. But for now, recognize that He is Lord over every part of your life.