Married To Your Ministry?

Day 3 of 6 • This day’s reading


Ever heard the phrase “slave to the schedule?” Maybe you even used it for yourself this week. We have more scheduling tools than ever before. These tools were meant to make your life easier to manage, and yet setting meetings and Skype calls and lunches can have you feeling like you’re chained to a never-ending task list. I have a feeling this isn’t what Jesus meant when He said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

In order to truly step out of the chaos and into the life God called you to, you need to do something radical. For the next 5 minutes, truly clear your mind from any responsibilities or things you feel like you “have” to do. And I’m talking extreme here. Work, family, friends… Get yourself to a place where you truly have a blank slate. Don’t worry. You won’t stay here long. :)

Now Jesus was very clear that the only priority that truly matters is seeking God. Place this first and foremost in how you will arrange your life. Everything seeks to take God off His throne in your life. Don’t allow that. An authentic pursuit of your Creator will bring everything else into perspective.

As far as your secondary priorities, you probably know what comes next: Your spouse, your kids, your deepest friends, people you are discipling, etc. Really slow down and process each one. What has God called you to be in that person’s life? What desires for the relationship do you have that are from God, and which are self-seeking? 

Next, how does pursuing God play out in your day-to-day living? Maybe it’s making lunch for your kids. Maybe it’s writing a blog post that God’s been stirring in your heart. Maybe it’s organizing a group at your church to partner with a homeless shelter. As these ideas come, filter them through the lens of your top priorities. Now your ideas and tasks can be processed in context of what’s most important to you. Keep the end in mind. Choose the story you want your life to tell.