Married To Your Ministry?

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Have you ever wished you had a do-over on how you spent your time? Maybe looking back on the past day, week, year, or even many years, you wish you had done things differently and wonder if there's any way you can turn things around.

Paul killed Christians before he met the real Jesus.

While I don’t know your story, I know that Paul considered himself the worst of the worst. Yet his focus was not on the story his life had told. His focus was on the story his life was telling.

When it comes to your priorities and how you handle your time, family, and energy, you may wonder from time to time if there’s hope. Maybe you’ve even heard it from people you’ve hurt: “You’ll never change.” “You'll always be this way.” 

In Christ, this just isn’t true.

If this has been a stumbling block for you in the past, God wants to breathe new perspective and new commitment like you’ve never known into you. Are you willing to expect it?

Spend 15 minutes or more in prayer asking God to open your heart and eyes to what he has for you. Tell God you are His child and how dependent you are to hear from Him. If He speaks, capture it, write it down, and be obedient. If he is quiet, find joy in His presence and comfort that He will show you how to rearrange your life starting today.