Seven Days To “From Me to We” Bible Plan

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


 Title: Sacred Affair 

Bible Reference(s): Genesis 2:18 – “Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.’”

Devotional Content:

Marriage is a sacred affair. It’s a high calling—one of the highest callings we can be commissioned for. If God called you to this, he is expecting great things from you. Never underestimate the power,sacredness, and influence being a wife has on God’s kingdom. The marriage covenant is a holy union—holy and designed by God. Marriage is a vow for life. Not just until you don’t feel like being married anymore. A promise for life. First Corinthians 7:39 says, “A wife is bound as long as her husband lives…” Bound. Bound as in, tied to and bonded forever. Marriage is serious business to God. 

When you honor your spouse, you honor God. Your marriage can be a tool God can use to point people to Him when you have a God-centered marriage. Did you know it is through giving in marriage that you will  receive the greatest joy? Marriage at its best is two people loving each other selflessly. When loving unconditionally and selflessly can be mastered, your union  will feel like heaven. That’s right. You can experience heaven here on earth when your marriage is centered on God. He created it, and when we follow his instructions, not only will God be glorified, contentment will overflow. 

Here’s a secret all successful married couples know: marriage isn’t about you. It’s not about you being happy or your spouse being happy. Yes, extreme joy and happiness can be a by-product of marriage—that’s the way God designed it. In order to obtain the kind of marriage that honors God, you must fight against your innate selfish nature. When everything inside of you screams, I need to take care of ME and look out for ME. You need to bury self-centered thinking and think in terms of what is best for your relationship. Think in terms of what’s best for WE.

Are you madly in love? Do you treat him well? Decide that you will treat your spouse better tomorrow than you did today. Strive to one up yourself daily. Even when you don’t feel like it. Leave him love letters on the bathroom mirror with lipstick, cheer for him when he picks up his socks or opens jars for you. Make him his favorite dessert, just because. Or better yet, be his favorite dessert. Kindnesses will grow your marriage into an example God will use until death do you part. 

So what? Offer one, or more, acts of kindness you can show your husband today. 

Dear God, help me be the wife you’ve called me to be today. Display your glory through my marriage and in the ways I treat my husband.