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El Shaddai

DAY 3 OF 3

We may think we know what we need, but God knows what we really need. God knows that these needs are to be met, so as El Shaddai, as Jehovah Jireh and as Emmanuel, He’s gone ahead and already met these needs for you. There are three things that are of the utmost priority to the Father.

First and foremost, what we need is someone to write off of all the wrongs we’ve done. How did he accomplish this? By sending Jesus Christ. As we saw yesterday, we were separate from God and He sent his Son to die and redeem us back to him. He died on our behalf and paid the penalty for our sins. Jesus paid the debt in full. He screamed from the cross “it is finished” or “Tetelestai!”. Which means paid in full. It’s like a stamp. It’s certified. It’s a once for all time payment. No need for another sacrifice, no need for another saviour because Jesus Christ has paid it in full.

The second thing that is of utmost importance to God is to rewrite the covenant. Why? Because we violated the first one. It’s like a first love gone sour. That is why in the last supper Jesus took the cup and said this is the cup of the new covenant in my blood. So, He initiates this new covenant in his own blood. That’s how precious we are to the Father. He doesn’t ever want to lose you again. That’s why he’s the once for all payment for our salvation. It is sealed in his blood.

Finally, the third thing that is of utmost importance to God is reviving our spirit, our spiritual life. My friend, we have all taken such beatings with the way things are in life. Many of us are tired, exhausted, worn out… Some are hurt, some are struggling with hopelessness… God wants to give you spiritual strength. Strength to love again, strength to forgive again, strength to endure… There are valley experiences or seasons of ill health and you’re just about to give up but God wants to give you the strength. This is not the positive thinking and feel good advice. This strengthening is of the inner man (Ephesians 1). I will give you strength on the inside so that you will be able to withstand the powers on the outside He knows you need strength. He's gonna give strength to give up the old life. He’s going to break those bonds.

God is in the business of changing your life. So God rewrites your life's purpose. He gives you new marching orders. He is the new CEO. He is the new commander in chief. You are not at the wheel anymore. He now tells you where it's going and then he gives you the strength to get there. He gives you His Spirit to live with you and to live in you.

How is all of this possible? It is because of what he has done through his Son. Jesus Christ deserves all the glory and honour of your life. The Father sourced everything we need through Jesus. That’s the clincher. It is only through Jesus that we have gotten back into a relationship with the Father.

You don’t often get an opportunity to make a decision about your life that is going to change the rest of your life. And if so when someone as awesome as the Lord Jesus comes before you and says, here, I'll give you a chance. This is what I've already done for you. The question isn't, why did you bother? But to fall on your knees and say my Lord and my God…it is to understand that I am unworthy but God is worthy and I give to him everything I have to offer to him. He is worthy of my life. My love, my praise.

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