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El Shaddai

DAY 1 OF 3

We all have met people who try to be everything for us, claiming to be able to be there for us all the time in every way. Or maybe there’s a dream that you think you achieve that will complete you. Or you feel like money will fix things and be everything because you can buy anything. But sooner or later, we discover that these things are temporary….people will fail you, dreams can die, and the value of money rises and falls in the stock market.

Time and again, God calls himself “El Shaddai." It means the all-sufficient one. He uses this title when He makes a covenant with Abraham. God wants to be all things to you, and the best part is - HE CAN! Jehovah Jireh, another name used for God, means “God is my provider!" He will provide everything you need for life. God is a father and a deliverer. Whatever you’re going through, He is there for you. When you are in a valley experience, He will guide you. The stress of work piles on you - lean on Him for comfort.

God wants to be everything you need for Him to be despite what you think you want. He loves you so much. He is so dedicated to you. He is so committed to you that from before time began, before the foundations of the Earth, He made a sacrifice and sealed it in blood. He says," I will love you with an everlasting love."

No one on this Earth can make that promise and keep it. Somebody may meet our big needs for a short time, a small need for a longer time, or a part-time need sometimes, but only God can meet all your needs all the time! El Shaddai and Jehovah Jireh mean that He is the only one who can make such a promise and keep His promise! Over the next few days, we dive deeper into how God keeps his promises.

Day 2

About this Plan

El Shaddai

In this 3-part series, we look at how God wants to be everything for you, and only He can because He is "El Shaddai."

We would like to thank Covenant Life for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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