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El Shaddai

DAY 2 OF 3

God wants to be everything to you that you need Him to be. What does that mean? What does that actually look like? We don’t go to God as a 5 foot or 6 foot flesh and blood and start giving orders. That’ll be chaotic. It just doesn’t fit. Here’s what God did for you. It weighed heavy on his heart his desire to have you back, to get back into a relationship with you, to be one with you. Like in the story of the prodigal son, the father longs for the son to come back home. So what is God’s solution to all this? He sends his Son to die for us and to redeem us back into a relationship with Him. That is why Jesus says that he has come to do the Fathers will. He came to seek and save those who are lost. Jesus didn’t come here to start a religion or a philosophy! He was sent by the Father to get you back home.

We were lost to the father. We were separated and there was no way back for us except through Jesus. He took the first step. The bible reminds us that when we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Getting back to God was his great plan of redemption for us all. I remember an incident when my son was younger and he got lost in one of the busiest market places in Delhi. I was panicking! I was the one running around, trying to find him. But him? He was having a great time! Speaking to this shop keeper and just roaming around. Similarly, sometimes we may be lost and not realise it, but God, being your heavenly Father knows what you need. God is the one who took the first step and brings us back to a relationship with Him. He also promises to be with us, Emmanuel. God with us. It is a restored relationship, a fellowship that is undeterred, unbroken. And this is possible because He sent his son Jesus Christ for us.

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