Infidelity - Part 1



Weighing the Consequences

Devotional Content:

When we go back to the story of creation in the first part of the book of Genesis, we see something truly amazing. After God created everything, there was an interesting phenomenon. Everything God created was good until man was alone. God said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Then God created woman from a rib that He took from the side of man. Guess what happened next? Everything was good again. As he looked at Eve, I think that Adam was looking for a word that expressed “good” to the millionth power.

My point is that one man and one woman knit together with God was enough. Adam did not ask God to create another woman because he was tired of Eve or wanted some adventure in his life. Eve didn’t ask either. One man knit together with one woman was God’s design. How did we get from there to here?

Don’t forget we were made in God’s image. That means we are not computers or robots. Whenever that first affair happened, on to David’s affair with Bathsheba and to every affair today, there have been consequences. God did not build you in such a way that you could have an affair and not be affected. He didn’t build anyone else that way either. Weighing the consequences of infidelity seems to be something many people are failing to do but that never will change the outcome.

What if before even taking the smallest baby step, each of us before even taking the weighed the consequences? Wouldn’t that make a difference?

Today’s Challenge:

Pray and ask God to help you be pure of heart. Pray for your marriage to be full of honesty and goodness. Even if infidelity has already touched your marriage, God can restore it. He is a God of redemption! It is never too late to have an awesome marriage, no matter what has happened.

Going Deeper:

Each of you write down your top three priorities in your life. Then share your lists and give each other input on this question: “Does your list match how you are living out your life?”