NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

Answers From the Master Problem Solver

Lingering illness. Guilt. Depression. Financial uncertainty. Loss of a loved one. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is, provided you know the infinite problem solver.

The question is not one of ability, as you will see in Matthew 9, but rather one of authority — ​a willingness on your part to acknowledge who Jesus is as confirmed by his miracles.

Some were indifferent to his claims. Others were infuriated. But as G. Campbell Morgan explains, those who came in believing faith were met at their point of need.

Walk With G. Campbell Morgan
“To the questioning and rebellious heart Jesus proved his authority to forgive sins by an exhibition of his power to heal. The effect was instantaneous and remarkable: The multitudes feared and glorified God.

“Then in rapid succession a ruler, a woman ostracized because of her plague, two blind men, and a mute possessed with a demon crossed his path. He met their varied needs with strong, tender words and spoke to each one a message of peace and courage.

“The Pharisees, madly jealous of his power, attributed it to Satan. But the King, looking upon the crowds, was moved with compassion — ​the consequence of seeing them in their true condition as distressed and scattered, like sheep without a shepherd.”

Walk Closer to God
God may not always give you the wisdom to solve your own problem. But you can always be assured that Jesus is strong enough to handle it, compassionate enough to feel it, loving enough to care for it, wise enough to deal with it.

In Matthew 9, six lives were changed after encounters with the problem-solving Savior. Yours will be too when you stop looking at your problem and focus on the problem solver.