NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

Glorious Jewel in the Father’s Possession

Nothing is quite as unyielding as a price tag. But if something is worth the price, you pay it. After all, objects of genuine value never come cheaply.

In Matthew 13, Jesus employed seven parables to describe the incomparable value of the kingdom of heaven. And, as Matthew Henry explains, a man may gain the whole world, but unless he discovers one pearl of great value, he has failed to find true riches.

Walk With Matthew Henry
“Jesus Christ is a Pearl of great price, a Jewel of inestimable value, which will make those who have it rich, truly rich toward God.

“In having him we have enough to make us happy here and forever.

“Those who would have Christ must be willing to part with all for him, leave all to follow him. Whatever stands in opposition to Christ, or in competition with him for our love and service, we must cheerfully quit, though it is precious to us.”

Walk Closer to God
Items of genuine value are always in danger of being impersonated by imitations and facsimiles.
And counterfeit Christianity — ​like counterfeit money — ​looks surprisingly like the real thing.

There is just enough truth in it to make it attractive. And just enough error to ensure that it will never deliver what it promises.

Satan, the master counterfeiter, will dupe you if given the chance. His name even means “adversary” and “accuser.”

His game is simple: to offer an attractive alternative to the pearl of great value. Wealth. Education. Personal achievement. Peer acceptance.

He will sell you a “bargain.” He will convince you God’s kingdom is not worth seeking.
If you let him.

Counterfeit or genuine: Which pearl will you make your own?