NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

The Place of Rest Is the Source of Strength

Some Christians are experts at making nothing happen . . . and doing that very slowly. Others behave as if the work of Christ were their single-handed duty. Both extremes lead to barrenness.

Every day of your life will bring a myriad of demands marked “urgent.” Demands that carry the potential to change busyness into barrenness and bring spiritual and emotional burnout.

What can you do to avoid barrenness in your walk with God? J. Hudson Taylor offers wise words for those in danger of growing weary in the work of the Lord.

Walk With J. Hudson Taylor
“Never, never did Christ send an over-burdened one to work; never did he send a hungry one, a weary one, a sick or sorrowing one away on any service.

“Yet how many can tell of a time of intense distress because they felt they ought to be speaking to others about their souls, but could not?

“Oh, how different it would have been had they but first come to Jesus and found rest. Then their happy countenance would have said more than the heartfelt words were uttering. No one would then have looked at the face of the speaker and felt, ‘What a dreadful religion his must be!’

“For the ‘come’ is not intended to exclude the ‘go,’ but to prepare the way for it.”

Walk Closer to God
There is nothing inherently spiritual about busyness. Christ reserved some of his strongest rebukes for the Pharisees — ​the spiritual workaholics of his day. They were so busy working for God that they had forgotten to follow him.

Nor is there anything inherently sinful about “unproductive” moments — ​if they are used to refresh and energize you for renewed service. Even the Creator of the universe set aside his labors for a day of rest.
And the beauty of it all?

While you are at rest, God is at work!