NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

Sharing All With the Master

Jesus told his followers to be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves — ​rather unflattering similes from Matthew 10. Until you understand his point.

Being Christ’s disciple demands a distinctive lifestyle. One that places you squarely in opposition to the world around you. Alexander Maclaren explains how a Christian who lives like the Master will be treated like the Master.

Walk With Alexander Maclaren
“If you are like the Master in conduct, you will be no more popular with the world than he was. As long as Christianity will be quiet, the world is content to let it alone or even to say polite things about it.

“But if Christian men and women live up to their profession, fight drunkenness, go against the lust of great cities, preach peace to a nation howling for war, or apply the golden rule to commerce and social relationships, you will soon hear a different shout.

“The disciple who is truly a disciple must share the fate of the Master.”

Walk Closer to God
Heavenly Father, give me the courage to be distinctive and to demonstrate my commitment as a disciple of Christ in a way that will cause others to desire a relationship with Christ.

Remind me often that I am in the world but not of the world. Fortify me to command the world’s respect through a lifestyle of holiness and consistency, as befitting a follower of your Son. And make me aware of those areas of my life that reflect the world’s ways more than yours.

In the name of him who experienced both reception and rejection. Amen.