NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

Walking in the Way of the Cross

Self-denial. Suffering. Cross-bearing. That’s not the kind of lifestyle anyone would normally volunteer for.

But Christ put up with the shame and anguish of the cross that he might bring men and women to himself. So it shouldn’t surprise you that he calls you to a similar lifestyle today.

Alexander Whyte provides a helpful insight into the disciple’s role as a cross-bearer.

Walk With Alexander Whyte
“There are things in all our lives that chafe and fret and crucify our hearts continually. Those you love best may even be the cause of constant and acute pain.

“There are people with whom you are compelled to stand in the closest of business relationships — ​people whose tempers and manners and treatment of you continually exasperate you.

“Though no mortal may ever guess you are fast sinking under the weight of such crosses as these, it is no guess with your Savior. He knows all about it.

“No one has ever understood crosses better than Jesus Christ. Be sure he is not far away.

“Every new morning, take up your cross and carry it all day in his strength and under his all-seeing and all-sympathizing eye.”

Walk Closer to God
What are you willing to put up with to follow Christ? Your neighbor’s offenses, your boss’s temper, your spouse’s indifference, your child’s rebellion? Such situations can be the source of intense pain.

But when you respond with a Christlike attitude, your life can be the irresistible evidence that Christ is real.

Does it seem strange to you that God would place before you a task this painful? Then consider once again the work of the cross-bearer you serve and follow, the master you love.