NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

God’s Glory: The Business of Heaven

Ask a person their occupation, and you will learn how they pay their bills.

Ask a person their preoccupation, and you will discover their passion in life.

And if their occupation and their preoccupation are the same, you will find a worker worthy of their hire!

In Matthew 20 Jesus talked about the “business of heaven” — ​the labor and reward of workers in God’s vineyard.

During his brief life, David Brainerd made the pursuit of God’s kingdom his daily passion, as revealed by this selection from his diary.

Walk With David Brainerd
“When a soul loves God with a supreme love, he therein acts in conformity to God.

“God’s interest and his become one, he longs for God to be glorified, and rejoices to think that God is unchangeably the Possessor of the highest glory and blessedness.

“Those who are totally given to God have the most complete and satisfying evidence of their being interested in all the benefits of Christ’s redemption as their hearts are conformed to him.

“And these only are qualified for the employments and entertainments of God’s kingdom of glory. None but these have any relish for the business of heaven, which is to give all glory to God, and not to themselves.”

Walk Closer to God
Coworkers with God. Laborers together in the joyful business of discipling his children.
Does that job description excite you?

It would — ​if you knew the head of the house!

For to know him is to be like him. And to be like him is to love the business he is about — ​the business of heaven.

The task is big; the laborers are few; the harvest stands ready; the time is short. Only qualified applicants need apply.