NIV Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional

Giving Up Your Place in Line

Ask ten third graders to form a straight line, and chances are good that nine of them will clamor to be first in line.

In the process, they are modeling what society has taught them: Greatness means coming in first.

In Matthew 18:4 and 19:30, Jesus addressed the subject of greatness. And clearly his concept of “coming in first” cut across the grain with the mindset of his day.
John Calvin offers an insightful comment regarding greatness — ​a preoccupation not limited to the first century.

Walk With John Calvin
“The disciples were too accustomed to the common habits of men. Each one wanted the first place.

“But Christ regarded as worthy the man who forgot his superiority and humbled himself. He declares that they are greatest who abase themselves, lest we should think we lose anything when we willingly surrender all greatness.

“From this we may gather a brief definition of humility: ‘He is truly humble who neither claims anything for himself over against God, nor proudly seeks superiority over his brethren, but desires only that Christ the head have preeminence.’ ”

Walk Closer to God
Humility. It’s not a highly regarded commodity in a success-oriented world where backstabbing and ladder climbing have become accepted behaviors.

Listen to the world and you will hear the message: “Greatness consists of how many you lead.” Listen to God’s voice and you will hear just the opposite: “Greatness consists of how many you serve.” They can’t both be right.
You can push to the head of the line and receive the world’s applause. Or you can give up your place in line and hear God’s “well done.”

The servant of God knows his place.