The Power Of The Cross


At The Cross, The Work Is Finished And We Find Rest

The statement, “The work is finished” is music to my ears. But it is only at the cross we can grasp the concept of Jesus completing the work for us. All my life I desired to please God and I tried desperately to do so without the understanding of the cross. I literally lived life on an emotional rollercoaster. I am sure you can relate to this ride of life. One day I can wake up feeling like I have the power to keep all the rules of the Bible, but after a few days, I slip into the feeling of not being good enough to please God. Sometimes its thoughts that pop into my mind that triggers a guilty feeling or it could be actions contrary to the word, either way; I ended up tired, frustrated and angry that I was not good enough. The truth is we are not good enough within ourselves, and our self-effort will always prove to be futile.

Before the cross man always had to have a substitute for his sins, a lamb that was pure and unblemished had to be presented and sacrificed for the shedding of the blood to atone for sins. This action had to be done year after year after year because the blood of bulls and goats could not complete the work for all time. But when Jesus came to earth he became the perfect lamb that took the place for all mankind because he was the only one that could keep all of God’s laws perfectly. Now because of what Jesus did we can come before God in right standing knowing full well we couldn’t keep the law but our faith, hope and future rest in the One able to do it. It is the best news I received once I understood the work of the cross. As we come to the end of this plan, I trust that the cross will become part of your daily walk and meditation.

I encourage you to note the following and incorporate them into your quiet times with the Lord. I assure you it will give you strength and renewal each day:

  • The cross is a place of equality for all men – I have a fair chance. 

  • The cross is a place of revelation – I see the need for a savior.

  • The cross is a place of repentance – I see the need for a change of mind.

  • The cross is a place of assurance of redemption – Jesus paid the price.

  • The cross is a place of salvation – All things can be made new at the foot of the Cross.

Desire: Lord, help me to come to the cross and receive all your free favors