The Power Of The Cross

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At The Cross We Find Freedom

I hope by now you are appreciating the meaning and power of the cross. Today we will look at the aspect of freedom; I often stop and think about prisoners, and as a Pastor, my call and responsibility are to be concerned about the heart condition of all people. I try to spend time every day praying for those who perhaps are forgotten or despised by society because of their actions. I can only imagine a life behind bars day after day, being reminded constantly that the cold steel that keeps them in darkness is the price paid for poor choices made. Never having enough space to move freely, having to use the bathroom with no privacy and the nagging voice of guilt that reminds them of the crime they committed. It sounds treacherous just to imagine it yet every day God’s people are behind bars and don’t even recognize it. 

The bars we live behind are not physical, but they take on the form of spiritual, emotional and mental bars. Some of us have done things in our past we regret, some of us have been abused and carry the scars that keep us from loving or trusting anyone. Maybe even committed unspeakable acts torment us daily. We can’t forgive ourselves, and we can’t forgive others. No matter what length or height of our bars we all have had them in our lives. 

At the foot of the cross, we see two thieves deserving of death because of their choices and crimes. And if we go a step further we can see humanity displayed in these two men. Both being in the presence of the Son of God, seeing and hearing everything from the perspective of Jesus and having the chance to freedom even in death and one stays in rebellion while the other seizes the opportunity to freedom, and to make things right with God before he leaves the earth. Jesus in all his love and mercy offers this unworthy soul grace and freedom from the guilt that plagued him till that point. Today at the foot of the cross you have a choice to break the bars of un-forgiveness, hatred, bitterness, a wretched past, guilt, shame and torment as Jesus offers you the same freedom he offered the thief. 

Desire: Lord, help me to accept your freedom; I do not want to be locked up anymore.