The Power Of The Cross


The Power Of The Cross 

I have gained such an appreciation of the cross of Jesus Christ in recent years. For a long time, I struggled to understand how something so gruesome could hold so much value for my life. As my relationship with God grew, I got a better understanding of the preciousness of the cross. Many people today look at the cross as the symbol of Christianity, so they assume that if someone is wearing a cross as jewelry or has the cross tattooed that the person belongs to the Christian faith! We see crosses as the backdrop of many church stages or on the outside of church buildings elevated for all to see. The cross identifies the Christians. 

The staggering truth about the cross is that while many wear it as a symbol of identity the power resident in the finished work of the cross is not known and therefore not manifested in the lives of the very ones who display it publicly. I hope that after you complete this plan, the cross will become more valuable to you than money, possessions or precious stones. I love the cross, and though today it is only recognized as a symbol the cross has become a permanent place in my long-term memory I visit every day. I find grace, peace, and joy at the very place meant to be death, shame, and scorn. The Apostle Paul makes mention to the church of Corinth that the cross seems absurd to those who are wise in their own eyes but for those who understand the cross, it is the very power of God. (1 Corinthians 1:18)

As we read about the crucifixion in John chapter 19, we are presented with a scene that incorporates all people groups like no other in history. Let us examine the scene a little closer:

  1. The Place of the crucifixion – Golgotha translated as the place of the skull.

  2. The Symbol – The Cross on which the innocent will die a death for the guilty.

  3. Two Thieves – Also on crosses hanging on the right and left of Jesus; they deserved death.

  4. The Judge – Pilate, holding the authority to put to death the guilty and uphold the laws of the land.

  5. The Chief Priests of the Jews – The spiritual leaders’ in charge of teaching the people to be spiritually fit.

  6. The Roman Soldiers – The officers used to enforce and administer punishment.

  7. Jesus’ mother and disciples – Close family, friends and loved one.

The scene at the foot of the cross involved so many positions, titles, accolades, shame, disgrace, and diversity yet the common denominator to them all was the symbol of the cross.

Desire: Lord, help me to see the power of the cross in my life.