The Power Of The Cross

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At The Cross We Find Family

I often love to look at families with a close bond; I try hard to create a family-pleasing to God. It wasn’t always this way for my life as I grew up in a single-parent home and love was the last thing on the agenda of our family. Life was always a hustle and making ends meet, never knowing what it meant to sit around the big family table to enjoy meals together. My mom had to work two jobs, and sometimes I was the helping hands for her. My desire to be part of a loving family never left my heart, and I aspired to create a place where others like me could find the family they never had. 

The family is very important to God and has been in his heart since the creation of the earth. The family is the unit that God uses to show us how much he loves us, so the enemy goes after the family unit more than anything else throughout the generations. The enemy knows that a strong family unit will also breed strong communities, so he works overtime to break that bond. One strategy of the enemy is to cause discord and separation because this gives way to the spirit of rejection. When we feel rejected often, we find ourselves in rebellion to those in authority and leadership because of the lack of love from the parent that walked away. 

But at the foot of the cross, we see that Jesus in all of his pain and suffering was concerned for the ones he loved especially his mother. He was broken to leave her alone and at that moment provided for her a new son in the Apostle John. That day John also received the greatest honor to care for the mother of the savior of the world. Today you may have experienced the lack of love from your father or mother, perhaps your brothers and sisters have walked away from you, but I want you to know at the cross you become part of a family that transcends blood relatives in the natural realm and you are grafted into a far superior family – The Family of God. 

Desire: Lord, help me to appreciate the Royal family I now belong to.